On-board Hydrogen System

Product Details:
Brand name: PERIC
Brand Name: 4*140L, 3*140L,2*100L
Certificate: GB/ASME/CE/GOST/EAC
Place of origin: CHINA
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Payment Terms: TT/DP/LC
Supply Ability: 50 sets per year
Delivery Time: ten weeks
Packaging Details: export worthy

Technical Parameter:
Working Pressure: 35Mpa/70Mpa;
Working temperature: -40°C~85°C
Number of Cylinders: 4*140L, 3*140L, 2*100L, etc., customized according to customer needs


The on-board hydrogen system is an important subsystem for fuel cell vehicles to store hydrogen, supply hydrogen and accept hydrogen filling. Guided by the theory and methods of ship system engineering, following the principle of safety first, failing safety, most simplification, regional layout and hydrogen-electric isolation, and based on comprehensive understanding of customer needs, Beijing Peric Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. proposes a high-integration, modular, safe and reliable on-board hydrogen storage and supply solution, including four modules: hydrogen storage module, supply module, filling module and control module.

The hydrogen storage module includes a high pressure hydrogen cylinder, a cylinder mouth combination valve, a PRD (pressure release device, once work, unrecoverable), and necessary connecting pipe, etc., and the main function is to safely store the hydrogen filled in the hydrogen filling station in the high pressure hydrogen liquid.

The supply module includes a solenoid valve, a pressure reducer, a safety valve filter N vent and necessary connecting pipelines, etc. The main function is to safely supply clean and pressure-friendly hydrogen to a hydrogen using device such as a fuel cell system.

The filling module includes a filling port check valve, a pressure gauge and the necessary connecting pipelines. Its function is to complete the filling docking with the hydrogen filling station, and fill the clean high-pressure hydrogen safely into the high-pressure hydrogen cylinder of the vehicle.

The control module includes a hydrogen leak probe and a necessary control alarm device, which can transmit the warning signal to the vehicle controller, and the vehicle controller issues an early warning command. The main function is to monitor the hydrogen leakage condition. It will send an early warning signal when the monitoring point achieves the set alarm value.


Compact and lightweight;
Modular design, easy to install;
The components are preferred, safe and reliable;
Diversified design to meet different needs;