Skid-mounted H2 Generator

Product Details:

Brand name: PERIC
Model: CDQ16-CDQ1000
Place of origin: CHINA

As one of the best-selling products, our CDQ series skid-mounted H2 generator’s production capacity can range from 16Nm³/h to 1500Nm³/h with single electrolyzer. All the piping and cabling within the skid-mounted structure are carefully polished. The electrolyzer adopts a bipolar pressure filter structure. The seal gasket researched and developed by PERIC ensures no leakage from the electrolyzer whether in hot or cold conditions. The gas-lye treater is skid-mounted type with simple process flow, easy to install, operate and maintain. The H2 generator is automatically controlled through PLC programming, with high reliability and remote control. Operator-friendly HMI makes the operation safe and convenient. Initial H2 purity>99.8%; Initial O2 purity >99.2%; DC power consumption ≤ 4.3 KWh/m³H2