Three-dryer-type Hydrogen (Oxygen) Purification Unit

Product Details:

Brand name: PERIC
Place of origin: CHINA

H2/O2 purification system by catalyst is specially developed and designed for the gas generated by water electrolysis. As per the customer requirements, there are two kinds of purification system, two-dryer type and three-dryer type. With these two different types, the H2 purity can reach higher than 99.999% and dew point lower than -70 Deg.C. In case of available chiller water, the dew point can be lower than -76 Deg.C. One key feature of such system is no loss of purified gas due to the special design. So the impurities can be less than 1ppm of O2 in purified H2 or 5ppm of H2 in purified O2. The switch-over among these dryers are fully automatic with PLC control logic.