Hydrogen Inhaler/Hydrogen Breathing Machine

Product Details:

Brand name: PERIC
Place of origin: CHINA
Hydrogen production: 10 L/h
Mixed air volume: 490 L/h
Hydrogen concentration: 1%, 1.5% and 2%
Size: 280*300*298 mm

High-purity hydrogen is generated by pure water electrolysis, and after separated from water, it will mix with air to a certain concentration. By adjusting the flow control valve, the flow rate of hydrogen and air can be set according to the desired mixing ratio.


Technical features:
Real-time monitor and control, adjust the hydrogen concentration as requirement of different groups of people.


Effect of usage:
Researches show that certain amount of hydrogen can improve human body function in many ways, such as helping sleep, relieving fatigue, soothing mood, removing oxidation, delaying aging, promoting metabolism, and so on; therefore to achieve the effect of beauty and physical fitness.