PEM-type H2 Generator

Product Details:

Brand name: PERIC
Model: SDQ-0.01~200Nm3/h
Place of origin: CHINA

PEM-type H2 generator, a kind of green hydrogen generation system, has been developed by PERIC in recent years. The hydrogen generation capacity ranges from 0.01Nm³/h to 200Nm³/h. Besides traditional industries, it can be applied to renewable energy hydrogen generation, hydrogen infrastructure system for a hydrogen refueling station, natural gas mixed with hydrogen and so on, widely used in the field of transportation, power storage, intelligent micro-grid and other special fields.
The advantage of PEM-type H2 generator is using pure water as electrolytic solution, therefore no pollution, non-corrosive, and higher hydrogen purity. Compared with the Alkaline-type H2 generator, it can be operated at high current densities, which can result in reduced operational costs and electrolytic efficiency up to 85% or better. This generator is compact with light weight, operation and regulation ranging from 0~100%, with higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.